Security Guard Services


Security guard services cover a broad range of jobs in the public sector. While many people automatically think of guard duty when thinking about security detail, many others actually deal with clients' private belongings as well. There is even a position called personal assistant to the security guard. This is defined as a position which allows the security detail to assist and protect their client's assets from theft or damage in some cases.

Security guards employed by large building security companies usually fall into one of several categories - supervisor, direct, and field representative. The supervisor is the actual head of the company and has the most training and higher salary. Direct security guards are typically entry-level positions, while field representatives are often lower paid and assigned to larger buildings.

A front-desk concierge service is an independent individual who is responsible for providing timely personal and business information to customers. These services require excellent computer skills, good English communication skills, and a thorough understanding of the policies and procedures set forth by the building security company. Most concierge services are stationed at the front desk of the building they serve. This means that they must be immediately available to any and all customers. They are not stationed in the office itself, where customers may come and go.

When a customer arrives at the building security guard desk, the front-desk concierge will greet them, give them their keys, and assist them throughout the process of getting to their vehicle. The front-desk concierge is then responsible for handling all forms of communication and reporting any issues that may arise. If a customer does not feel comfortable with the security guards on duty, it is important to make note of this and refer the customer to another agent. There are many different types of concierge services available to customers, depending on what level of security they wish to work for. For example, there are front-desk agents that only handle incoming calls, and there are others that are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Learn more about Denver security companies.

Building security guards often receive specialized training when hired to work for a specific company or organization. Many security agents now have access to computers which allow them to keep track of current information on the job, as well as any other security information that may be relevant. This type of technology allows security guards to become completely mobile, allowing them to travel throughout the workplace in the event a security situation arises. Most security agents also receive specialized training in fire fighting, domestic violence, EMS, and much more. These specialized security guard services are very useful to businesses because they allow the business to provide high quality services to its customers while still maintaining the safety and security of its employees.

When selecting security guard services, it is important to find a company that will treat your employees with respect and who will take the time necessary to provide you with an appropriate service. Some companies may charge a higher monthly rate for their services, but this is not always the case. If you feel as though you are being treated fairly, the best thing for you to do is make a written list of what you wish to have in addition to your security services. Remember, if you are not happy with your monthly rate, it is important to discuss it with the security company before signing anything. The security staff should listen to your needs and desires and should tailor their services to your preferences. Read more about this courtesy patrol in Denver.

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